Realcan Module

Realcan Module
Drug supply service
  • Company's drug procurement channels throughout the country, with domestic and foreign well-known drug manufacturers, drug companies more than 3000 suppliers, maintain a stable, smooth, standardized business contacts. Company to operate the products they million.
Supply chain service
  • Medical institutions at all levels, CDC, pharmacies, clinics, Business Companies distribution services;
  • Third party logistics service (storage, distribution)
Hospital logistics
  • To help medical institutions to improve hospital information platform construction, to achieve hospital medical supplies and medical supplies Zero Inventory management.
Hospital convenience
  • With more than two medical institutions and large comprehensive primary health care institutions, hospital pharmacies have offered convenience;
Instrument distribution
  • Ruikang medicine in 2012 formally enter the field of medical apparatus and instruments, the Company sophisticated distribution network, to provide medical equipment and medical supplies medical...
Mobile medical section
  • Actively explore and implement the hospital information automation, informatization, network management model, has been to "to provide customers with perfect health information to solve scheme" for the purpose.
Washing and sterilization
  • Company of outsourcing of medical institutions, clothing washing disinfection, provide leasing services to medical institutions. To help reduce the cost of medical institutions clothing of the hospital, improve the level of disinfection and avoid cross infection.
Sterilization instruments
  • Medical institutions in the use of various types of surgery instrument by the company responsible for disinfection, according to the operation plan of medical institutions early served in operation room, use after recover unity and sterilization packaging.
Equipment maintenance
Shandong logistics center
  • Logistics center is located in Shandong Province, Jinan City Licheng District Lingang Economic Development Zone, Airport Road No. 7388, covering a total area of 1.63 million square meters, the park is divided into three blocks of office, warehouse, transportation, layout novel, original.
Overall goal
  • Focus on the development of independent intellectual property rights, high performance, high quality, low cost and mainly rely on imports of basic medical equipment products.
Product target
  • Slow disease screening, minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment, regeneration and repair, digital medical, rehabilitation care and other new types of medical equipment products.

Address:326 Jichang Road,Yantai , Shandong(map)
Zip code:264004  
Contact phone:0535-6735656 
ICP keep on record:Lu ICP 10028753
Internet drug information service qualification
certificate number :( Lu) non-operating -2004-2016
Internet and drug transaction services qualification
certificate number :( Lu) B20100001
  •         Realcan pharmaceutical co., LTD. was established in 2004,the company registered capital of 655 million yuan,more than 5600 employees,the business scope covers 31 provinces and cities all over the country,sales of more than ten billion in 2015,Continue to maintain rapid growth,in the national medical business top the top 16.In July 2016, realcan pharmaceutical first into the fortune 500 list.
           On June 10, 2011 small and medium-sized board listed in shenzhen stock exchange,to issue A shares.Hereinafter referred to as"Realcan medicine".Stock code: 002589.Post-marketing with excellent performance and high speed development of the capital market.
           Realcan pharmaceutical main business is divided into drugs,Medical equipment supply services,The mobile medical information service,Hospital logistic service,Health industry investment,Medical pension,Hospital management consulting services,Third party logistics and medical equipment research and development production of eight major parts。Company has the capability of medical qualification and modern logistics,BTOB and BTOC Internet drug trade qualification,With AAAA logistics enterprise qualification,Is in the service of the medical institutions at all levels nationwide comprehensive medical service enterprise.         

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